More Racist Food Labelling: Jap Pumpkin Pieces


sorry about the bad photo, I'm making do with a camera phone


    I've been buying "Jap" pumpkin for years, not realising it's short for Japanese. Kind of awful to think it's worked its way into the vernacular like that.


    is it Hokkaido pumpkin?
    the best pumpkin apart from butternut squash in my opinion! Best equal.

    Toronto is covered in pumpkins right now because of the North American Halloween cult. Quite nice but also somehow very comical. Like imagine if the city was suddenly scattered with giant potatoes or capsicums.


    you never realised Jap was short for Japanese?...he he

    actually I was told, by a Japanese guy, that the Japanese name for pumpkin is Kampuchea.....I have no link up there...and link up there...I have no idea why the Japs (and by that I mean Japanese) use the native word for Cambodia for pumpkin?

    any takers.....

    On 1 June 2008 at 22:49 Anonymous said...

    I was shocked when I recently arrived in Australia and saw the "Jap pumpkin" label in the grocery store. Food magazines and cookbooks don't refer to Jap food, Jap restaurants or Jap chefs...why is it acceptable and tolerated to use the adjective for a vegetable?

    Someone is sure to argue that the term is appropriate because of long usage. I haven't seen any labels for "Chink cabbage".

    Since it is a Japanese vegetable, why not use the Japanese term, similar to using the term "bok choy".

    And Maytel, I believe the Japanese term for pumpkin is "kabocha" not Kampuchea. I'm wondering if you called the "Japanese guy" a "Jap" to his face - and if you didn't, why do you think it's acceptable to use that term in writing about him, but not when face-to-face with him?


    JAP - Just Another Pumpkin. Has nothing to do with Japan.


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