Measuring Everything

And that's just the environment....what about the the question here is gotta be, how can and should a label symbolise a guarantee of complex environmental and social systems?

I'm not so sure it can or should?

David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee from David Lynch on Vimeo.

Via Thus Bakes Zarathustra

Suntory commercials

... in response to the recent disaster in Japan.

Kudos for Suntory for having put such cute things together in a very short amount of time, without even mentioning their beverage products.

Ue wo muite arukou (or better known as Sukiyaki song outside Japan) ver.D 60 secs

Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo ver. B 60 secs

Pedal to the Mett, ill.

The German chapter of Sneaker Freaker magazine got together with our local burger joint Beef Brothers recently to make this sneaker-shaped mett cake.

With a greater than usual array of garnishes, this particular hunk of raw pork mince actually looks kind of kicking.

Quotes of the Day - "Panini-themed edge"

For a man like me that really likes his meat, there are few things better than pig for breakfast.

This is particularly true when the pig is roasted pork shoulder, pressed in a Panini with chipotle sauce and coriander and toasted to perfection, otherwise known as the Cuban from Lonsdale Street Roasters.


There is an extensive range of panini here, spelled out on a charming blackboard with magnetic letters and a specials board to the side. ...Roasters also do dessert and a few other small and interesting things (muesli among them). And well there’s the main feature: the coffee. Served in those stylish old school brown cups, it’s rich, the milk isn’t overdone, and it’s sublime perfection really - so rare in this town. It’s got to be the best in the city. Or among the best. Harvest and Tonic are excellent too. But I’m going to say Roasters has an edge. A panini-themed edge at that


I've been quiet on the blog front. Hock's been leaving the commentary to others while he focuses on improving the overall sandwich situation of Canberra in his first business venture.

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