Master Chef Australia - White Mumsy Conspiracy?

Yesterday I spent the day working at home and waiting in anticipation for the finale of Master Chef Australia.

And as I hung my washing out to dry, it occurred to me. What if Julie wins? What if they rigged it because Julie is a white middle class mum and the show is sponsored by Coles supermarket and Campbell's soup. Maybe, Poh, who is obviously a better cook won't win because she is Asian and uses century black eggs and doesn't appeal to the key target audience of white middle class Australia....(Coles doesn't even sell century eggs)

No.....I thought. That is far too cynical and it would be far too obvious because Julie was definitely one of the weakest cooks on the show.

Gasp.....but maybe Poh has already been paid to take a fall? It's possible because the elimination of Chris was totally surprising.

So I watched it. And Julie won.

And then my phone started ringing.

My friends on the other end of the line said "but the judges helped Julie with her sorbet, they didn't help Poh"

And today on ABC talk back the host raised the topic and asked listeners if they thought the show was rigged.

Everyone is talking. Everyone is upset.

If you live in Australia and were following the show, do you think it was rigged? Was it a white conspiracy?

And further still...

will Master Chef Australia make amends with the next season and select a black mute midget master chef?

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I for one am outraged. Shame on you Channel Ten, and all you sell out "celebrity chefs" of Australia. Shame on you for not choosing the better chef. Shame on you for trying to sell more crappy supermarket products to overweight white woman. Shame


    and why didn't the judges taste the dishes anonymously? its the FINALE! they should have tasted the dishes without knowing who did them!

    i had my suspicions around when they were having the hongkong challenge. i remember chris cooked this char ciew fried egg thingy on the unwashed lotus leaf. it seemed at first the judges (esp Matt) was questioning the cleanliness of it, but when Chris was revealed to have won the challenge, it seemed as though the judges were making excuses for him! (they said that they found out that the lotus leaf was food grade etc...)

    And its the format of the show thats just so... fishy. Why didn't they have an Asian chef as guest judge for the duration of their time in HK? (sure they had the dimsum chefs for the dimsum challenge, but i would have expected at least one Chinese chef from HK to have judged throughout their time in HK.)

    And I heard rumours somewhere that it was too much of a coincidence that Poh was eliminated the week right before the HK challenge. Were they afraid that Poh would have excelled? Was it all already planned?

    Perhaps all these 'conspiracy theories' will only make more people want to watch season 2 of the show (since we'd be pretty eager to see how different it will be from this season).

    Your thoughts?
    (sorry if this sounded like a rant. LOL.)


    There is something deeply insane that Masterchef was the most popular reality television show in Australia, ever. I couldn't get motivated enough to either love or hate the show - mostly because it seemed like a strange amalgam of other game shows rather than being about food. It did seem to unite the audience of hardcore foodies who laugh at the mediocrity and utter ineptitude of the contestants with people who watch it as inspiration to go out and buy that awesome chicken stock.

    I stopped watching about three episodes in and didn't make it through last night's finale.


    well I was completely addicted

    I do have a penchant for trashy reality shows that never seems to tire

    call me mediocre, but even for my low television standards the predictability of this outcome shocked me


    four corners tonight was good tho...miners vs farmers

    totally up my alley


    Hang on, miners versus farmers? Four Corners?

    As a rule, I cannot stand reality shows. But "miners vs farmers" is too tempting a teaser to ignore. Dueling natural resource managers!

    What is this show? I'll have to see if I can rustle it up over the tubes...

    Wait, is this a documentary about The Congo?


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