living on kitchenette-cooked food

It has been two months since I landed in the frozenland.

After having lived on compromised choices of food for several days, such as:

Absolutely horrible mapo tofu at an American Chinese place, and

a tacos plate that does not taste as good as it looks...

I have started cooking in the limited kitchenette shared with several others:

No full stove.
Just two induction cooktops that use magnetic heat.
There was only one right after I arrived, and I insisted to the landlord that we need one or two more.

One of the first things I cooked was chana masala:

I get the MDH spice mix at an Indian/Latin American grocery store.

Pretty soon I started attacking the bulk section of the Whole Foods Market and a European style bakery that has French and German style bread.

Tomato-based chick pea soup with German rye bread:

Tabbouleh with green lentils:

Chana masala again, with carrots/green lentils/raisins salad:

No picture, but I have also been cooking green split pea soup, 16-bean soup, red lentil dhal, and tofu dishes.

I am having a lot of fun with beans and peas, yes.


    feel free to come cook in my kitchenette any time


    Hi k'jam - thanks for the invitation :-) There is a German girl in the house who does not destroy the stereotype - she cooks potatoes A LOT. She is also very serious about German bread.


    hah. it's possible I have turned into a militaristic bread person after 4 yrs of Germany..

    Potatoes also funny. a friend celia is dating an irishman who claims that growing up, his family always had potatoes four ways on the dinner table. boiled, mashed, etc..


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