So hungry!

Seriously. That's the name of the song, "ចង់ស្រក់ទឹកមាត់."


    I love it that it's so made up, women with full makeup harvesting rice :D


    Good observation, Nalika! I was so busy staring at the food that I missed the makeup!


    Upon further viewing, I also noticed the absence of tobacco! The menfolk would definitely be smoking...


    Alright, I was wrong about that last one. There is one quick shot of a couple of guys taking a smoke after they stop working.


    hmmm, at 2:00? I can't tell if it's tobacco smoking or chewing fermented tea (mien in Thai).

    Is it a country-theme popular karaoke, or some government propaganda thing showing "happy, living in harmony" farmers? :-)


    oh and I wonder what the phone numbers are for, there's a number for USA!


    It looks like a Khmer market in Long Beach.

    Maybe a US distributor for the VCDs?

    Interesting idea on the fermented tea. Could be-- I am not familiar with it and never saw it in Kampong Thom. But then, I did not get out of the village very often!


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