Ichi Roku Taruto

Inspired by kinakoJam's entry, a little googling of 一六タルト (Ichi[1] Roku[6] Taruto) has brought me some wonders...

Apparently, it has become one of the "yuru chara" ('loose' mascot character) of Ehime prefecture in Shikoku region.

Like castella, it it supposedly inspired by the Portuguese upon their arrival to Nagasaki port in the 17th century.

The name taruto comes from torta/tarte, and it has been localized by adding red bean jam with a hint of yuzu, famous citrus from Shikoku.

It goes out on the street...

And it even goes to take HIV exam with other yuru chara's.

Amazing Japan.

Itami Juzo used to appear on the TV commercial series - he went to high school in Matsuyama, where this cake is famous.


    that delicious cake deserves to be an icon /community leader.


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