Crepes and Company

Today we went to Crepes and Co for lunch, again. I've been coming here for a while now, it's somewhat a Bangkok expat institution and probably the only place that serves anything close to resembling a good old antipodean brunch (although I've never tried the eggs bene)....the restaurant's website states that it's the best creperie in town, more like the only creperie in town.

It's not mind blowing cuisine, it's just ok. They use that cheap packet ham and tinned spanish olives, you know those ones that taste somewhere in between an olive and a bit of plastic...and that about sums up the food. The reason we keep on coming???? Well if I was a tourist I probably wouldn't even bother going here, but Crepes and Co has one of the only tropical courtyard gardens in Bangkok that is actually pleasant to sit in and it makes you feel like you are not inhabiting a Riddly Scott inspired Third World Mega City but instead in some wonderfully verdant tropical oasis. The coffee is ok, a bit watery - yes this is the lengths that people here will go to just to feel like they aren't in Bangkok.

Not that I'm bagging Bangkok, I love it just the way it is repleat with traffic fumes, gridlock, rats and flooded streets and all. It's just nice to pop off somewhere that's not a mega mall for a few hours, you know somewhere human sized and people friendly. Oh the cider's not bad (they don't make it themselves).



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