Most Coveted Kitchen Equipment

Both Chef and I would really really really like one of these


I've been eyeing it up ever since I did some research a few years ago on "perfect bbq", it essentially works like a kiln except with air flow control, you can cook anywhere between 180 C to 800 C - meaning you could make slow cooked texas style ribs or pizza or even fire your own plate to eat it all on. Plus it's real pretty.

Two things stand in our way. One is the price, basic models start at $1000 USD and two is that we live in a condo.

But once these two issues are resolved it is top of the list


    wow how big is that thing actually? it looks rather like the moroccan oven that my dad was using when i was last there, but his moroccan oven was waaay too small to fit pizza inside.
    This also reminds me of the giant beehive kilns and ceramic sculptures of that Japanese-American artist Jun Kaneko


    Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. Thank u.

    Pizza Equipment


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