Gado Gado

is possibly my favourite Indonesian dish


It's a complete and healthy meal in one. This one had boiled egg, blanched kangkong and bean sprouts, rice cakes, potato, crispy green beans, tempeh, tofu and a lightly kaffir flavoured peanut sauce. Other Indonesian dishes tend to rely heavily on the presence of tasty sambals to "beef" up the flavour. And while I love sambals, if the sambals on offer are not good your whole meal is jeopardised. Of course you can also add sambal to this.


    I would prefer gadogado over those salads popular among the Thai college students. I just cannot seem to like any aspect of the Thai "salad cream" - too sweet and suspiciously colloidal. Gadogado peanut sauce is also sweet, but at least it tastes like peanut and less suspicious.


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