Virtualise my sausage

Via swissmiss: grill me a sausage, foolish iPhone.

Until now, I thought that the only valid use of the iphone was taking shots of food with which to taunt your friends. I was wrong. Here is a barbecue sausage simulator, built to advertise the weiners of German sausage makers, Bell. Apparently, the barbecue is controlled by blowing into the microphone.

Download the app here, free and in German.


    oh man.
    erik d-loaded this after he saw your post.
    it takes a lot of blowing to get the snag cooked!
    he was hassling me to get ready to leave the house and I was like "dude you're the one standing there eternally blowing on a sausage"

    I couldn't understand why you couldn't just talk loudly into the phone receiver to make it cook faster but the sound receptor must register blowing at a certain pitch frequency. erik reckoned it made a sympathetic blowing noise when he blowed but not when he talked.

    conclusion: they should make it so the sausage cooks faster. some of us can't stand around blowing all day long.


    oh it is kind of nice how you can tilt the phone to flip the sausage though.


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