Food Wars

Just a little something to help you sleep better at night......I just read this on the New Agriculturalist site....

To meet growing demand, FAO estimates that food production will have to increase 70 per cent by 2050....demand for food is rising two per cent per year - a combination of continuing population growth and increasing demand by growing middle class appetites for livestock products - while food production lags at one per cent per annum. However, with expanding megacities and industries demanding much increased share of water, with oil production past its peak, and cities and leisure facilities expanding over fertile land, farmers are faced with producing more with less. The promise of further scientific advances through genetic modification have yet to be fulfilled, and will have to offer (and quickly) plants that grow with less water, on less fertile soils, and cope with rising temperatures that compromise seed-setting in rice and other cereals.

Then I stumbled upon this gallery of world war two posters.....which seemed to aptly fit with the whole doomy mood of my internets readings today



    love the colour palette

    On 15 September 2010 at 06:47 Anonymous said...

    I'm pretty sure that is from End of Food by Paul Thomas, a good (if not slightly worrying) read


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