Yakitori Song

Move over Sukiyaki Song. Nuff respect to Jetdaisuke for combining two of my favourite things, yakitori and electro, with his ode to liver on a stick.

Jetdaisuke's youtube channel includes reviews of yoghurt, icepacks, pink cherry blossom-flavoured curries and diary-style snippets of drinking temple beer or barbecuing tuna eyes.
But his real strength lies in his synthesiser reviews. Highlights include his filmed first impressions of the Otomatone and the Microkorg XL, on which the above Yakitori song was composed.
Personally I find his curry reviews a little too out-of-the-box, using the familiar "oishii!" money shot formula, as seen on TV. Whereas his passion for wacky presets and assorted elecronic nerd gear is much less, shall we say, filtered.

"Is he eating an apple?":

Review of kanji/animal toys with gum inside:

Kelp curry: "You can discern a slight kombu/kelp colour, can't you."

Tuna eyes on the grill:


    Oh cool :-)

    Yakitori song does sound like it contains lyrics, but other than what sounds like 'yakitori', I can't tell.

    After I see them written out on YouTube, then it starts sounding like what they are supposed to be.


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