The Australian Palate?

sorry I haven't blogged for a while. I don't really know who I am apologising to exactly and whoever you are I'm sure that you'll think apologies unnecessary

nevertheless....I am moved today to alert you to this outrage in the Sydney Morning Herald...

Wake up, Sydney, and smell the lemongrass. Do you know what's under your collective nose? Anyone who has lived away from this city for any time suffers withdrawal symptoms for Thai chicken curry, deep-fried snapper with sweet chilli sauce, pad thai noodles or Thai beef salad, whether from Longrain, Chat Thai, Spice I Am, Sailor's Thai or (insert your favourite local Thai here). Even Sydneysiders who have moved to Thailand suffer post-Sydney-Thai-fabulousness syndrome.

Slap hand to forehead...pad Thai???? sweet chilli sauce.....ugh

This particular piece of dribble was written about Sailor's Thai which I had the displeasure of eating at some years ago. I made the further blunder of taking some Thai relatives there who are in the restaurant business in Thailand. I was embarrassed by the food and humiliated by the price, $300 for four people.

It was flavourless, bland, and fussy.....the bill was like rubbing salt in an open wound.

Sydney Thai food as good as Thailand...give me a fucking break....only if you spent your 2 week holiday in Thailand eating in shitty tourist stalls and being completely over charged.....maybe you went to Phuket...maybe you got in a fight....maybe you were drunk most of the time....or maybe you have the palate of a garbage disposal


    Every time that I've had Thai in Sydney, I've wondered why there is so much local pride in it? Anyone from Sydney able to explain?

    I haven't eaten at Sailor's but have made it to two of the other restaurants mentioned and they're about as good as the Thai food that turns up in Melbourne.


    Just remembered that a Sydney girl I met up with here in Cologne (met through an expats website) also spoke of missing sydney thai food.

    Saw that longgrain listed a lot of awards or newspaper 'chef hat' nominations on their website... maybe that helps explain why it's a favourite expense-account destination...
    didn't think it was up to much snuff, myself


    I agree with Phil, Thai food in Sydney is nothing special. Los Angeles and Chicago each have better Thai food than Sydney does, and Bangkok still reigns.

    One of the most over-rated Oz exports has to be that fraud David Thompson. His proteges opend Bo Lan in Bangkok, universally despised for its bland and inauthentic representations of local cuisine.


    that's a bit mean Val

    Bolan is great

    DT...fraud...hmmmm...not so much...evil yes certainly


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