"Even my toast has to move with the times"

Phil's mouthful this week brings us musings on why everyone hates the new vegemite product

Over the weekend, Kraft announced the results of its attempt to generate a new name for its new Vegemite with spreadable cheese product: iSnack 2.0. It sent Australians with an internet connection into alternate paroxysms of disbelief and pure schadenfreude. Ruth Brown from Crikey neatly summarises the initial tsunami of contempt:
...folks from every conceivable community and sub-culture were united by their shared hatred of the name: skiers hated it, club kids hated it, Mac fanboys hated it, footy fans hated it, homosexuals hated it, foodies hated it, gamers hated it, body-builders hated it, the British Army hated it, highschool students hated it, mums hated it, stock traders hated it, and Delta Goodrem fans hated it.

its so hated in fact it spawned this.....

although I'm half suspicious that this may have been created by Kraft itself in an effort to avert the PR disaster and inject some self-deprecating humour into the furore...fuhrer furore....ha ha ha...ummmmm nup

thnx milosh


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