In need of a lake trout re-up.

There is no angle on TV show The Wire left to be mined. What does lake trout signify? Saptarshi Ray, for the Guardian writes:

Bunk, at his most unsavoury, it pains me to say, compares Jimmy to a recurring Baltimore speciality – lake trout – when he tries to clean up his act and settle down with Beadie. "They take something and give it a name to make it sound better, but it's still just a trash fish."

Lake trout makes many appearances throughout the programme, understandably, being a Maryland staple. When Marlo agrees to meet the honey-trap girl from the Barksdales it's at the Lake Trout restaurant. Randy likes a lake trout sub with cherry soda while on the campaign trail for Carcetti. In fact, lake trout is such a signifier of project life that when Brianna drops off some spicy fish of a different variety from a downtown restaurant for D and the boys, Wallace has no idea where it's from or what the big deal is. "If it ain't in the west side, I don't know it, yo."

Also, and not entirely unrelated, Snoop meets Anthony Bourdain; Bourdain eats lake trout.


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