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Curious about the convenience foods, cooking gadgets and/or health kicks that popped up in Nihon in 2009?

Ex-pat Tokyo webzine Metropolis put together their year's round up of food trends, citing a standard-sounding Swiss menu as their best meal in 09 - not too inspiring.

For a different perspective, I asked Tokyo yuba-guru, interactive designer and musician MerceDeath (pictured above) to throw down the food items that tickled his taste buds last year. From healthy hotpot (with ethereally pale steamed sausage) to fried chicken in a brioche from the convenience store, I can see myself getting down with these treats.

Did you notice any new food trends in 2009?

"Mushi Nabe (steamed nabe hotpot instead of boiled). Functionally, this is same as a steamer, but you can cook on your table.
You can add some vegetable or meat or fish whatever..
This method reduces oil from foods, but retains vitamins and looks fresh!
Finally, the hot water from the bottom of the device gets steeped with so much Dashi(flavor).
Then, you can eat Udon or Ramen with the soup that's made by the hot water.
That's Yummmmy!"

Did you start any new cooking habit at home last year?

"Hot plate Yuba (Tofu skin)
We bought a hot plate for making big Yuba by ourselves (of course we do some BBQ on the hotplate too)
Basic information of Yuba here.
*I didn't know it's called Tofu skin in English!

The way to cook Yuba with a hot plate:
1. Pour some soy milk to a hot plate.
2. Keep temperature 80C.
3. Just wait a few minutes.
4. Eat with soy sauce with wasabi or! I prefer ponzu.

That's super simple, super healthy and Yummy!"



what were your top three new things to eat or drink in 2009? (at restaurants, Konbini, take-out, or vending machines)?

"1. Bottled ginger masala chai
That sounds weird, but it's actually good!

2. L-chiki buns (Buns for Lawson Chickin)
Basically, Japanese convenience store Lawson sells "L-chiki (fried chicken)".
L-chiki buns are for making L-chiki even richer! But you just need to pay 50 more yen.
I love the idea.

3. Big American dog
This is a very old style, but Seven Eleven just started selling them in 2009.
And I had this often!"

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What's the best after-gig snack?

"Yoshi soba -
It's better than Fuji Soba : )
And of course much better than pizza or Kebabu late at night!"


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