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The 1969-70 "Menu" B-52 bombings of Cambodia's border areas, which American commanders labelled Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, Dinner, Desert and Snack, aimed to destroy the mobile headquarters of the South Vietnamese "Vietcong" and the North Vietnamese Army (VC/NVA) in the Cambodian jungle. However, these and later bombardments forced the Vietnamese communists further west and deeper into Cambodia, and ultimately radicalized Cambodian local people against Lon Nol's regime.

Ben Kiernan and Taylor Owen on the similarities between the current war with Afghanistan and the past bombing of Cambodia


    That article was reprinted from Asia-Pacific Journal. The original article has all of their citations and end notes in case you want to dig...



    you're back! the blog>blasé feeling comes & goes for me too, (the internet being saturated with food ephemera), but I've missed the illuminating comments and fishing photos of Dr Maytel/Hock


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