Home Made Pasta

It was a lovely warm easter weekend in New Zealand, and out in West Auckland an informal home made pasta lesson took place. "It's easy" said Hock in the kind of way that Jaimie Oliver says things are easy and really they are time consuming and difficult.

pasta rolla

With Hock over seeing, G&G rolled it and folded it and rolled it again, and when at first they failed...they tried again

pasta don't panic

First homemade pasta dish of the weekend involved our dead easter bunny....Hock and Ginny took charge of this. First they pan fried the loin and the kidneys, then they made a stew of rabbit, bacon and tuber veges with a light white wine and sage sauce. They served it with fresh "beginners home made pasta" parpadelle

Rabit loin

Braised rabbit pasta

And we drunk it with some damn good NZ wine.

More crap wine

Later that weekend the lesson continued and G&G graduated onto the ever tricky ravioli, stuffed with chicken. Hock pronounced, as resident chef, that the "ravioli must be sealed properly with no air bubbles otherwise it would split and we'll end up with a gruesome bowl of boiling water with bits of broken up pasta and poached mince meat."...He said and everyone looked horrified and set about double checking the ravioli for air bubbles and broken seals.

"Ravioli is difficult, that's why in the 1990s there was that time when everyone made one big ravioli, because making small ones is annoying and often disasterous".

pasta gnocchi

But of course, it's not exactly rocket science either
pasta gnocchi good

We put basil, roasted tomato, mozzerlla and parmasan on top, well they did...I watched and drunk wine and complained about being hungry. Then they heated it in the oven, just enough for the cheese to go gooey.
gnocchi moz

Someone set the table
table set

And we treated ourselves to another damn good bottle of NZ wine, a well earned bottle of Mt Difficulty. I love my sister and her wine cellar.

crap wine

Papadelle hanging out to dry
hanging out the pasta


    i like how the pappardelle drying look like little nylon sockettes:
    a nice tale!
    we've made pasta once, 'rotolo di spinaci' hand rolled, and with 'Grieß' semolina dumpling powder in place of semolina flour.
    As you can imagine, they were sort of like rotolo di spinaci reimagined by a ukrainian, but still good!!
    The comment about pasta making/jamie olive is v funny.


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