NZ beers '08

Being white means that I like difficult beer. Really hard to find beers rank highly on my list mainly so I can impress the likes of Phil and Austin when we sit around and talk beer.

Below are most of the beers that I drank while back in NZ, each comes with a fancy tasting note stolen from Rate beer of course.

Emerson's Organic Oatmeal Stout

Here is what NoiZe from Zeist, Netherlands has to say
"I’ve had this one in New Zealand on my honeymoon. I was looking forward to this one, but it turned out to be a decent, but avarage stout."

If Noize was in front of me I would punch him in his newly married mouth, for me this beer is rated in the "fucking great" category. Shouldn't you be looking forward to something else on your honeymoon, nod nod wink wink, aye.

Emerson's 1812 India Pale Ale

Grandmaster from, Auckland, NZ offers
"Bottle, a clear orange copper, carbonation and a bubbly head. A juicy hop aroma thats good, but good (sic) (I think Grandmaster has had few) be stronger. Deliciously fruity (fruit salad) at first, but then becomes more bitter and malty (piney) through the swallow. The finish is long, but too dry. A well balanced and subtle IPA - the type I like to drink."

What are you drunk Grandmaster? The late Michael Jackson has a picture of this IPA in his beer bible of what he considers to be one the best IPAs EVER crafted! (note capitals) I don't get this review Grandmaster sort of slags the beer but kinda likes it. Personally this is one of my favourite beers to swallow.

Emerson's Weiss Bier

Austinpowers from New York, New york writes
"If you stir the annoying fizz out of it, it’s a really good Weisse - on par with the German ones. Light and herbal with some spice. Enjoyed at Plato in Dunedin, NZ."

I say
"What would the Germans know."

Emerson's Pilsner

Madquacker of Canberra, ACT, Australia is full of praise with
"Truely glorious. A head of epic proportion. Balanced citrus and ale flavours. Not sure where the pils was though. Brilliant."

You're not so mad Madquacker 'cause I like this too.

Emerson's Taieri George

Kempicus from Wellington, NZ writes
"I was surprised by this, i’m not a big fan of spiced ales, if i want to drink christmas cake i’ll liquidise one but this was good, it’s definately a ’mood’ beer and i was in the right mood for it. It’s spicy but not over the top spicy and instead of a harshness that sometimes comes through with less accomplished examples this is deliciously smooth. my only minor critisism is that it could possibly do with more body but other than that a great beer."

Kempicus reminds me of Phil..."Liquidised Christmas cake" possibly on a stick?

Epic - Award Winning Pale Ale

TimE from Tokyo, Japan slurs
"Light amber color. Very fragerant nose of peaches and apples with a solid caramel malt profile. Beautifully balaned with malty front to the mouth and then hops tickling the back of the throat. Moderately bitter finish. Well done."

Well done indeed for writing that after obviously knocking back one to many Epics.

Munchner Dunkel

Sully, Stanmore , NSW, Austalia
"Interesting label with a jolly aviator there, having absolutely no connection with the beer as far as I can discern. This is a malty sweet style of dunkel with toffee and hazelnuttiness and a muted hop presence. It drinks pretty well and certainly caals for another"

Sully Sully Sully you drunk bastard.

Founder's Organic "Long Black"

NoiZe again
"I’ve had this one in New Zealand on my honeymoon.
Black of course ;) Smooth roasted flavor. Nice."

Wink wink alright.

Elemental Porter Ale

Cconners, Tauranga, NZ says
"This is my favourite beer style ,what a great 4 pack from this brewery. The bottle poured an inky black with a fluffy tan head, very tight bubbles. The scent of this beer was coffeeish and chocolaty with hints of ripe plums. The creamy rich head was followed by an intense flavour dominated by roasted notes and sweet caramel, finishing with a lovely chocolate sensation. The lingering flavour was still around well after the bottle was gone. This beer is truely a stand out in their range and accordingly this is the brewers favourite style."

This is New Zealand's highest rated beer on Ratebeer, it really was a special beer.


No rating on these Bluff oysters other than please leave them in the shell (I hate NZ baby boomers and their acceptance of poorly shipped seafood), they went really well with the beer none the less.


One particular sunny NZ day while Maytel was whacking out her phd, I went for a walk down to the Macs brewery flagship pub to get a little bit of a buzz on. It was great to drink their selection on tap, but for me the Macs gold (not pictured) still tasted like crap, Top Notch their seasonal offering rocked (even for a low alcohol beer).

Top notch


Great White

mac 2


    hehe...funny comments.

    I really discovered my beer gene in NZ this time,
    Had Maytel's tipped Little Creatures in Melbourne too, so good
    Thanks for reminding me to look into more beer here.. I'd forgotten since I got back.


    That Emersons IPA is incredible stuff - I went looking for it last night and the best I could do was a Monteith's pilsener. I've got to get back into writing about beer again - there are some interesting Australian beers afoot.


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