I Wish I Had Japanese Mother


    If you wish you had a Japanese mother for the sake of obento's, you also have to wish for a Japanese father who has permanent employment with which he can afford a stay-home wife who can spend hours in the kitchen.

    Funnily, those cute decorative bentos' have not really made it into a commercial market. You can buy nice gourmet bento's in department stores, but not those cute motherly ones with rabbit apples. Maybe I am talking about a business opportunity...


    yes that would be a good business idea


    this is a very soothing one to watch, but jesus that voice over! it sounds like the dwarf from twin peaks "let's cut the sausage into octopus..
    Sometimes my arms bend back"

    On 27 November 2009 at 13:00 Anonymous said...

    you're all boring


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