teeth cracking fish

I am in distress, because I was eating this crispy deep-fried dried fish in the mountain... the white thing in the middle...

... and my premolar split in half. Ouch!

I hurried down the mountain and made an appointment with a dentist.

I am cursing myself for having brought the evil dried fish to my mountain host family myself.

I bought these at Aor Tor Kor Farmers Market in Bangkok.

... and it was deep fried crispy with the rice bran oil I brought.

Now I will have to pay for the dentist bill. Aaaagghhh.

Earlier this year I also cracked my molar while eating sticky rice in the mountain.

My life is pretty much about cracking my teeth while traveling.

German bread did it too, twice.


    oh no! poor nalika.

    I am still so intrigued by your german bread tooth cracking.
    was the bread toasted?
    Those must've been some mighty hard pieces of bread !


    I wish my teeth keep growing like rabbits so if it cracks, there's more to come.

    The evil German bread was actually not even toasted. It was very hard bouncy chewy whole grain sort. The exact same bread did it to me two mornings in row... it was rather chipping off than cracking the whole way, like this time >_<

    That was at my friend's friend's funky apartment in Berlin where we had to jump over the toilet to reach the shower. Oh that apartment person is now in Cologne BTW.


    yeah? I'm always up for meeting friends of friends of friends for a Kölsch, if you are ever in contact again
    (Am trying to broaden my circle of acquaintances around here - right now it's still limited!)

    I think I know the type of rye bread you mean... often found in healthfood stores in New Zealand as well. doorstop style......


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