Sausages & Snow

munich office

As a seasonal post, I'm throwing up some photos from a visit to our Munich office last week. Sausages and snow have a certain charm.

Below, a poster for an exhibition in Munich over the holiday period.


at munich office

My bosses' weber grill languishing in the snow: you can tell there is a general reverence for meat around here


A hot plate on which Many simmers lamb stew to go with his famous crispy persian rice. Just offscreen, a carton of Hornig Bio Pfefferminztee teabags - the best mint tea I've tasted. Buy it if you can.

munich office

Ubiquitous Red Bull fridge. There are also at least two crates of apple juice at all times.


Nearby: Lonely but polite dog waiting outside the organic supermarket.

snowy pup

Maybe he is hoping for some kind stranger to gift him 'leberkäse' (literally 'liver cheese'), that very southern (Bavarian & Austrian) snack. A soft spam-pink meat loaf with an inviting crust, eaten sliced & warm, I like it best with hot mustard on a whole grain roll. On this trip I sampled a tasty rendition from the little shop that also sells the best pretzels, for one euro twenty cents.


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