Better Butter Brezn in the GBV

butter-brezel, munich's best?


Glockenbachviertel in Munich (the GBV) might just be able to boast the city's best butter brezel. Up north, you cannot buy them pre-buttered, so it's a ritual upon coming south to eat at least one butter brezel per day.

This small, unassuming bakery slathers the butter on by hand - and the brezeln, which are lye/caustic soda-dipped and salt-sprinkled before baking, have the characteristic smooth brown surface, with a bit of crustiness. A good brezel shouldn't be too soft. And above all things, the butter shouldn't be pre-cut into brezel-shape and frozen for quick assemblage.

My colleagues in Munich all swear by this particular brezel spot.

Backshop Steger
Sonnenweg 71
85579 Neubiberg

Mon-Fri 6-20 pm
Sa 7-20 pm
Sunday 8-13 pm


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Christmas tree foliage outside Café Aroma for smokers to hide in



munich cookies

glockenbachviertel cookies

The Germans really go crazy for cookies at Christmas time, whether it's buttery & spicy Spekulatius with ground almonds, Zimtsternen (frosted cinnamon stars), or various cute gingerbread shapes. I'm starting to feel a certain empathy with our old blue friend, seen here in a Glockenbachviertel shop window.



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