Singapore Eating Holiday - Installment 1

Hock and I just arrived back from a four day eating excursion to Singapore.

I like Singapore. I never used to. Overall media sentiment and the general vibe on Singapore these days is that "it's changed, it's no longer boring and nerdy". Perhaps.... but I'm more inclined to think that I'm the one whose changed and Singapore is just as boring an nerdy as it ever was, however now I am just more content to eat a good plate of chicken and rice and go to bed early. The best of which in Singapore is located at Maxwell St food court

chicken and rice.jpg

tian tian.jpg

The stall usually has a queue and we waited around 20 minutes for our plates of chicken and rice. It's good, simple fare and they serve it with a chili sauce and dark soy sauce, not with the salty ginger and spring onion sauce that I prefer.

Of course there are other things to eat at Maxwell street, including an excellent raw fish salad at the congee stand, deep fried silken tofu, also at the congee stand, endless variations of egg noddles, dim sum, fried oyster omelette and so on....

Maxwell St food court is the reason why we have stayed at the Scarlet Hotel twice now. The rooms may be small and dingey, there are no facilities and it is not a great hotel. But it is right in the centre of Chinatown and at any time of the day or night you can get up walk a few steps and put something yummy in your it is just around the corner from the trendy Ang Siang Hill that has bucket sized glasses of Hoegaarden on tap.

big beer.jpg


    so if u were flying from europa and had a choice of an eating stop off in HK or Singapur, which would you choose?


    well maybe bangkok,

    we may not be leaving afterall

    will keep you posted




    In quite a crazy moment of synchronicity, I have the exact same photo of me with the giant hoegaarden glass in Singapore. Frankly, they should replace that Merlion with a gigantic frothing beer glass.


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