Whoever said that Fusion cooking was dead obviously forgot to tell the chefs of Bangkok

fusion .JPG

hmmm chicken larb pizza and sauteed fried rice with strawberries....

Tell me what is your worst fusion horror story?

Chicken and cranberry and camembert pizza always takes the prize for me...


    just had dinner at this place down the road called Fischermanns, looks very like those Parnell/ponsonby yuppie places,
    on the menu they had a lasagna made with blood-sausage, grilled apples, onion and a sauce based on some liqor called Calvados.

    i love the local dish 'Himmel und Ärd' (Heaven & Earth) every now and then (blood sausage with mash potatoes, apple, and caramelised onions) but in a lasagne?? with liquor-infused sauce?


    another awful fusion i spotted this week on a lunch menu.
    seafood and white asparagus on top of tandoori spaghetti. BLECH


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