It's not a PhD, it's just BBQ

I've been quiet on the blog lately, by my standards I suppose. Thesis deadlines.

But today I post, today Hock sent me a pdf of a honours thesis about American BBQ. Entitled "Why Barbecue Matters in the South" it appears to be written by someone called Anoop Desai as his honours thesis in American Studies. The pdf was wrongly labelled bbqphd.pdf.

Having been grappling with a very long chapter of my thesis now and being thoroughly sick of the sight of it, the topic and of everything I study my surly response was

"it's not a PhD its an honours thesis. The guy from the PhD workshop I attended the other day said that he considers one chapter of a PhD the equivalent to an honours dissertation. Looking at this, I feel like he is right. This is 60 pages. Mine is 300. Fuck, its not a PhD its just BBQ"

so now I go back to staring at my chapter about horticultural development in Cambodia......southern bbq... pft


    So, what did the guy say about the BBQ? Because it really is a *thing* in the US South. And as a New Englander, I have yet to really get my head around it. But do I spend as much time as I possibly can getting my jaws around it!


    dunno didn't read it, too busy reading other things....half a chapter left to write (not including conclusion)


    Are we talking about airport code?


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