Quote of the Day Pt 2

I will not apologize for ordering a melted cheese-topped shrimp tempura roll; I have no patience for sushi purists. Wrap some seaweed around some pork floss and birthday cake, sprinkle salmon eggs and glitter on top: you have made legitimate maki. A "cheese-topped shrimp tempura roll" sounds good; this partially-combusted slice of wanksta petroleum loaf was just a carcinogen. It tasted like ashes.

America's Next Top Model alum Elyse Sewell continues to eat adventurously in HK & Mainland China


    Ah K'jam, you inspired me and I had to have sushi this evening. Though I didn't go for Philly or dragon rolls...the most creative one I had was hamachi on top of cucumber rolls.



    I think the craziest sushi i ever had was made with brown rice mixed with 1 tsp each of maple syrup, rice vinegar & umeboshi paste, which sounds sort of appealing, but the flavours were a bit strange together..

    My friend Mamiko gave me some v nice-looking nori that she bought in Japan (and some Inari wrappers) so I have been saving them... I wish there was an online store to get this stuff!


    ah, macrobiotic brown rice sushi :-)
    Yah, they are good in its own way but if you think of mainstream sushi then you might get a bit disappointed.

    I guess Germany is dry enough for nori to stay crisp... but be sure to eat it while it remains fresh :-)

    In Thailand moisture creeps in even through the Ziplock bags and I spoiled some nori before. Thank God it was not one of those fancy ones I brought from Japan, but rather a second grade one I bought here.

    For very basic things like nori and umeboshi, there's a big difference between good and bad ones... and nori's great because it travels well.


    yep! I think I would've liked the macrobiotic sushi without the maple syrup maybe?
    usually if it's beige, it's got my name on it


    I think maple syrup in macrobiotic brown rice sushi is a bit unusual, perhaps a failed attempt to modify the recipe to appeal to the wider pool of consumers? Like the Americanized Thai food, unspicy and sugar-loaded.

    From what I have seen, the common macrobiotic sushi vinegar recipe uses ume-su (plum vinegar) with a pinch of salt. No sweeteners, not even otherwise macrobiotically correct maple syrup.


    I've now got the urge to chase up the most anomalous sushi that I can find. I'm positive that I saw sushi the other day with a chicken nugget in it.


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