After work drinks

Most chefs need a drink after work.

If you are wondering why. Ritchie explains.

While a good 800 people line up to get into our work place after our dinner service.

We the cooks can't wait to get the hell out.

Usually staff drinks are held in front of the local 7-11 but thanks to Chef Shaggy and Chef Dan we have found the delights of frozen beer.

I know when you come come to Thailand you think it is cool to drink the local beers but trust me they are shit.

As shit as Heineken. So freezen the contents only adds to the pleasure. Especially as we build up to the end of the hot/dry season.

It's really hot here.

Bring on Songkran.


    nice vid... nice to hear that trademark Hock chuckle!


    Agree with the hot and shit bits. In fact, last night at Wes's place, we had a double-blind taste test of three Thai beers (and Tsingtao). The conclusion: they're all equally bad, particularly when not chilled to the point of almost frozen.


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