Sushi Anomaly #4: furaisu

I saw them years ago in Tokyo, and alas, the Furaisu closed its doors in 2002.

What I remember is Ebi-furai (deep fried breaded shrimp) in a hand-roll, but seems like they also had Hire-katsu (deep fried breaded pork fillet) version as well.

Maybe it's better be called a mutant onigiri (rice balls) than hand-roll rushi... since it's probably rolling regular plain steamed rice, not sushi rice (with vinegar & sugar).
But surely the idea must have come from hand-roll sushi.

The name Furaisu comes from furai (deep fried stuff) and raisu (rice), of course.


    looks good to me (名前おもしろい) - if you could get some shredded cabbage in there it would be a handy tonkatsu-set to go。


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