Chiang Rai Noodle Review

10 Baht Khnom Jeen Goodness

Sen lek (fresh thin rice noodles) served with fish curry with strange green beans that had naturally black pods inside?


Khanom Jeen Naam Ngiao (Ta AB)

rich pork soup with sen yai (big noodles)

Boat Noodles on Phahonyothin Road, Chiang Rai


Also had an excellent bowl of fish ball noodles at a chinese hawker stall near the large market (Jet Yot Rd). Instead of the normal dried chili they served with smoked dried chili which was a tasty variation on the standard fish ball noodle soup


    Yo-the second dish is called "khanom jeen naam ngiao" and is very much associated with northern Thai cooking and . When made well it can be very nice. The stringy bits are actually not beef at all, but a kind of dried flower called dawk ngiw (I apologize for these absurd spellings...). The dish is almost exclusively made with pork spareribs, ground pork and phat chunks of coagulated pork blood. Oh, and tomatoes.

    Not sure what the first dish is, but it looks like some sort of khanom jeen variant as well.


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