The Family That Eats Together.....

My sister once enquired loudly at a family get together whether it would be possible for us all to do something together aside from eat.

Dead silence....stunned looks...finally someone ventured....."like what?"

We've always eaten together, a lot, it's what we do. I like it but I can't attest to this latest and unlikely sociological study on the linkages between family meals and reduced drug and alcohol use.

"Want to bond with your broody teenagers? Try eating dinner with them five times a week. A poll has found this keeps them off drugs and alcohol - and the teens also enjoy it.

The survey reaffirmed previous studies that found teenagers who ate dinner as a family five or more times a week were less likely to use drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol than peers who ate with their families twice a week or less."

Another duff study, I reckon, like the whole wine and heart disease study, which is largely unsubstantiated due to the fact that wine drinkers tend to belong to higher socio-economic groups and thus lead healthier lives...

I don't believe that children that eat with their parents more are less likely to use drugs, they're probably just less likely to get really out of it just before dinner


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