Food Quote of The Day

"I have less and less tolerance for empty foodism."

said Rami Zurayk, Professor of Ecosystem Management at the American University of Beirut, of this Alice Waters article in the NYT

Here Here

I don't care how 'celebrated' you are, anyone who insists on travelling with their own olive oil, vinegar and salt packed capers has got to be an insufferable snob. It's time we called a spade a spade.

Alice says

“We’re trying to educate young people and show them how to use that lens of ingredients as a way to change their lives,” she said. “Otherwise, it would be just another cookbook.”

You said it Alice, not me

I personally believe that the general debt laden mortgage struggling public are tired of being preached to by white middle class ladies on the virtues of slow food and inadequacies of working class food choices and their children's food choices....if single working mums had the time to be indignant and throw battery farmed eggs at Alice, I'm sure they probably would.

Really what is the point of this woman other than making poor people feel bad and richer people feel smug?


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