Fishy Tale

We recently visited Baan Wacharachai a restaurant situated, in Ayutthaya a cute township forty five minutes drive from central Bangkok. A favourite amongst Thailand's food blogging community. Austin at "Real Thai" and A at "Dish a Day" had peaked our interest in the food that they served at Baan Wacharachai. Austin had mentioned a fish dish that they served there. He mentioned it was good even sublime but never did he say it was a fucking religious experience. It was so moist, it was as if it had been sous vide smoked.

I so loved this fish dish that I emailed possibly Thailands number one fish connoisseur, my father in law.

Think you will love this as I know you are a fish connoisseur,
smoked (slow roasted, see picture) snakehead fish, have you eaten
this before? We dined at a restaurant recommended by Austin from that
Real Thai food blog. It was amazing, this thing was so moist so
perfectly cooked, just a hint of smoke.
I know you have just left but when you come back from NZ our first
trip is to this restaurant in Ayutthaya.

To which he replied (of course he has eaten at just about every decent restaurant in Thailand known to man).....

I think I have been to that restaurant a few times before. In fact, I had thought of taking you and Maytel many times before but you both were not quite settled down yet when you first moved to Bangkok. The fish was cooked with dried up rice stalk that gave it smoky flavour. The restaurant belongs to the 'Sunthornwatt' family. Saengcha Sunthornwati was a director of a television broadcasting channel, when he was murdered. He was a straightforward man, once spent a great deal of time in America, came back to Thailand and worked with the Thai broadcasting corporation. He refused to take a bribe from one source which sought an unfair advantage over others. He was gunned down in the Muang Thong Thani area not far from where I now live. The people behind the killing order were later caught and sentenced to the death penalty. The restaurant would have been a place where Mr. Saengchai had planed for his retirement.

I am glad you and Maytel have found this place.

There is another restaurant which I think you and Maytel may like to try. It is well known for the steamboat fish dish. The soup stock is made of preserved plum and ginger to give it hot and sour taste. It is also well known for its oyster dish.

If anyone can confirm this fishy story, well then not only is it a yummy fish but an interesting one too


Plaa chon phao, grilled/smoked snakehead fish


Food bloggers of Bangkok give big ups to Aong


    damn! why did i not travel round thailand with you guys eating JUST FISH or JUST RICE or take on some other worthy one eyed gastro adventure? Phuket sucked.


    I still dream of that fish. I'm glad other people feel the same about it. That fish may draw me back to Ayutthaya sooner than I had expected.


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