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For some time now I've had not an insignificant obsession with African food, or I think it might be more correct to say Ethopian food....Although I'm sure that Africa as an enormous and diverse continent has a great many varied dishes, for some reason Ethiopians have managed to globally define perceptions of "african food". My first introduction to Ethopian was in Melbourne on Fitzroy St. Thus "african food" for me means injera bread and special tibs and that's about the sum of it. I'm pretty keen on the bread and the stews and since then I've tended to hunt down African or rather Ethopian restaurants where ever possible.

When I went to Rome I went and had African or rather Ethopian food

In Bangkok my fav place was Abbasyniya cafe which has since closed leaving a gap in the bangkok afican food market

I recently tried a restaurant here in Canberra simply named Ethopian Food

So, if like me your knowledge of African food could use a major upgrade subscribe to this excellent new blog and be enlightened


    that blog is written so nicely.


    do I get a smiley stamp?


    maybe some gold stars and some Ghanaian okra stew with peanuts


    Well spotted. It's looking increasingly like I'll be relocating to Footscray, which seems to have become Ethiopian nosh central. I need to catch up on that whole continent.


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