Latte Art

Todays "BUZZ" on Latte Art reminded me that....

I once got kicked out of a cafe for asking them to just goddamned hurry up with my coffee and stop messing around with making stupid swirly picture things with the foam

I was told I couldn't have my coffee and that I wasn't welcome back....all because I'd apparently insulted the barrister's artistic sensibilities

I don't know, call me crazy but its a coffee, not art and he was a cafe worker not an artist

Turns out I'm just a grinch who hates latte art....or maybe I should just send "latte art" into the folks at "stuff white people like"

Anyway, it doesn't matter much any more cause I don't really drink lattes, I'm sick of paying $3.5 for a fucking cup of coffee.'s another food song. It's Nana singing "Black Coffee"


    Latte art just makes me want to blow the froth off the top of the coffee back at the barista. I get shirty even when there is an accidental heart shape in the crema.


    foam art is a pain, i hate those dam gypsy swirls and stars. people who do this do so cos thier coffee tastes like ass. its hard to find a good coffee and at three fiddy a shot its hard to believe we still bother to look aye. dont even get me started on lattes: with that much milk it should realy come with weatbix.

    btw: nice posts


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