For the Love of Mango Sticky Rice

It may come as no great surprise to know that the Thai food in Canberra sucks.

Amongst the worst is Lemongrass in Civic which I had the displeasure of having to dine at last Friday. The "larb" was just watery minced beef with no herbs, the "pad thai" (I didn't order it) was sickly sweet and the "curry" well....anyway
The restaurant was packed....full of white Australians seemingly enjoying their "Thai food"

So, on Sunday I cooked a fairly disastrous Thai meal out of sheer desperation. It still wasn't as bad as Lemongrass. I did what I normally do in Thailand, same pastes, same ingredients but it just didn't even come close flavour wise. I put it down to ingredients. They just don't taste the same here.

Anyway, my most pined for Thai dish is at the moment is mango sticky rice. You can't get a good version here because you really need fresh coconuts.

Photo: Stolen Courtesy of Google Images

but anyway, as I sit in my lonely little room in Canberra, head down bum up....on my ipod came Ohio Players Sweet Sticky Thing

and, well, I wanna go home


    I spotted some fresh coconuts in Footscray the other day: remind me to bring you some when I next swing through Canberra


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