Name the top five nations seeking wagyu on the web.

Just as a small response to Hock's forthcoming menu, the nations that search for "wagyu" the most on Google (via Google Trends) are, to my surprise:

1. Hong Kong
2. Australia
3. Singapore
4. Chile
5. New Zealand

By city:

1. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Brisbane, Australia
4. Singapore, Singapore
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. Santiago, Chile
7. Adelaide, Australia
8. Perth, Australia
9. New York, NY, USA
10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This only really begs more questions:

a. Why is wagyu beef bigger in Chile than in the US? I've got to start following Chilean food trends. Even when you factor in the US use of the term kobe beef, Chile comes out ahead. Plug in almost any other meat to the search, or cut of meat, and the USA comes out in front. Why not wagyu or Kobe beef?

b. How did Australians and New Zealanders become so wagyu-obsessed? When you take into account population, New Zealand would rocket to the top of the list.

c. Adelaide?


    Hock reckons this is easily explainable

    Hong Kong and Singapore makes perfect sense for obvious foodie reasons

    the rest are explainable by their large beef farming industries. Hock, reckons its farmers, trying to understand how to get into the lucrative wagyu market. New Zealand, Australia and Chile....wouldn' you say


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