Dreaming of Chanthaburi

In honour of our latest member, Nong A here is a post about a restaurant in Chanthaburi.....the province from which her family hails.

People always say that Chanthaburi is yummy.....and I believe them. Not that I have ever done a serious eating tour of the town but on our way to Trat recently we stopped for a quick lunch at Dream Thai restaurant, near the bus stop.

We had wing bean salad, fluffy fried cat fish with green mango salad. A really yummy crab, crab egg and coconut dip with crudite

Crab and Crab Egg Crudite

And, I accidently ordered two soups, one chicken and cardamon soup and another prawn with that Thai vegetable that looks like a pumpkin flower...... I've heard it referred to as ivy gourd leaves but I don't know what the Thai name is. No matter, they were both good and got the thumbs up from all dining participants.
Two Soups

I told Nong A and she informs me that that restaurant is just a a basic truck stop cafe, nothing special. But it was in my book delicious.

I hope that in future I can refine my palate further in Chanthaburi with Nong A's guidance.


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