Slow Food Breakfast Served Fast

I like the idea of eating out breakfast.

From a nice crispy croissant and espresso at a European café to a traditional rice and miso soup fare at a Japanese hot spring ryokan, it sounds decadent, lazy and special, as opposed to hastily swallowed breakfast cereals coming out of box.

I like soothing jook (rice congee) breakfast in Thailand, too, but greasy American breakfast occupies a special place in my palate.

While in grad school in North America, one of the easy and affordable half-day weekend escapes was at a breakfast diner, where they serve very heart-unfriendly yet very hearty and yummy waffles with cream chantilly, eggs Benedict, crispy bacons, eggs Florentine, home fries, blueberry pancakes and French toast covered with maple syrup. Aaaaahhh. Comfort food.

My American friend who worked in rural Vietnam for a few years told me that such diner-style breakfast was what she missed most.

Luckily, in Thailand, you can find greasy American style breakfast even outside the capital city of Bangkok. Bake & Bite in Chiang Mai serves yummy breakfast a la white people like it fashion, and is one of the places I like to go after spending a chunk of time in the real rural hood.

Cereal pancake and boiled eggs. I like it how special boiled eggs look when they are served on egg stands.

Whole wheat pancake with bacon bits inside, with side order of cooked spinach and tomatoes.

Cheesy potatoes with bacon, scrambled egg and extra avocado. Usually served on English muffin but they were out of it, so it's on seven-grain toast instead.

Bake & Bite, Chiang Mai
Chang Klan Road: 053 820761
Nimanhamin Soi 6: 053 400577


    yes, I guess it really is all relative. Hock and I rarely go out for breakfast as Hock does not see the point in paying someone extra to make eggs and toast. He doesn't see the value in it. I quite like going out for breakfast. Weekend breakfasts out in a cafe is practically an institution in Australian and NZ. The last time we went to a cafe in Auckland though Hock was completely outraged by the fact that cafes were charging NZD $9 for a bowl of muesli.


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