Three/ Four Breakfasts in One Day

So we ate breakfast 3 times on Saturday. No actually make that 4.

Awoke at 4 am.....ahhhh jet lag and lay in bed until I decided to eat some granola I had bought from the store too, with hemp seeds.....oooooooo, yes so very fuckin' UES, apparently, to which I added organic vanilla soy milk. Yes I admit it, for all my rantings I'm just as much of a namby pamby organic loving girly blouse as everyone else who writes a food blog.

Organic granola aside, we felt the need for a more "balanced" diet, so we headed downtown to Bleecker St and headed directly to Russ and Daughters for their famed bagel and lox.




The place was bustlin with people collecting the necessary ingredients for brunch. I had to overcome my meek kiwi/ asian tendencies and bustle and push.....


we got mini bagels with capers and was in my view the most perfect bagel


The minis left room for us to head to Katz's right next door. We had no idea that the two Institutions were so close together. Hock thought I wouldn't be interested in eating a pastrami sandwich straight after a bagel....he of little faith.


We ordered a classic pastrami on rye to share, a kinish and two coffees (the lovely watery filter coffee, call me a philistine but I love American style coffee)........The sandwich came with more exquisite pickles. I had forgotten how good a good pickle can be and their pickles are great. In fact New York really has to be pickle capital of the world.



I also got a unique compliment from one of the staff members who told me I was "lookin good baby" and that he "liked a little sauce with his white bread". I've never quite thought of my sexual appeal in sandwich terms but I guess if you work at Katz this is, in fact, how you may view a lot of things.

So, yaadaa yaadaa yaadaa.....we thought we were full and we were until we stumbled across Cafe Habana at about 11.30 and decided while we were there we should also eat the corn there, because the last time I was in New York, the corn was a revelation to me.


So we ate a piece of corn. Corn still good. Check.


And then we walked miles and miles, and we continue to walk miles and miles for atonement.

I'm realistic that I probably won't loose any weight while I'm here, I'm hopeful that with the walking I won't gain any either. But my legs ache and my belly feels like it is going to explode. In short, I'm transforming into my nemisis....a frog.


    Did Hock summon forth some of his Kiwi moves and kick the racist cheeky sandwich guy's arse?

    I like drip coffee too.


    Hey, those breakfast sandwiches looks so damn good!

    If you are still in the city, try Kossar bakery for their bialey's too! It's on 367 Grand Street.

    More info here


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