Ignorance is Bliss


Traveling to the great metropolises like Barcelona, Paris or New York, if you are fussy, it's better to map your eating itinerary carefully in advance.

When a city's pavements are continually ground by the shoes of tourists, your chances of bumping into a tasty, cheap meal by accident are low. It's not impossible, but given the size of Barcelona (where we have been staying for about a month now), it's a challenge.

But sometimes, if you are lucky, you can try somewhere random, and not be served up the same old shaved ham, fried peppers and tomato bread. Those things are great, but they're not exactly challenging to prepare - and they can get boring fast.

The music event we're working on is in a suburb called St. Andreu, which is free from tourists. In the autumn sun, the squares are peaceful, full of young kids or likable-looking hoodlums and hippies in MC Hammer pants hanging around in an utopic milieu.

One of the most memorable meals I've had here was a 10-euro 2-course lunch at a spot we wandered to in St Andreu on one of the days before the event kicked off. I'll post name and address later (have to walk past and note it down).

Erik ordered this asparagus/bean/shrimp thing which I couldn't stop stealing forkfuls of:


My first course was the typical Catalan dish of escalivada (slippery grilled veges), which in this case came with a pinch of oily anchovies and a good cake of goats cheese. I like an excuse to eat a whole cheese. This was the best escalivada I've had so far. It just struck the right balance.


Erik wasn't too impressed with his steak because it turned out to be pork, but damn..... that garlic mayo was dope.


A girlish main course on a warm afternoon: crab and fruits.


Just in case you forgot you were in the suburbs:



    Crab and fruit. Well I never.

    Great photos! I like the cool light.


    Jealous! Me want bean thing.


    light makes all the difference when one is an amateur....last night i met a hippie tour manager photography nerd and learnt some interesting things about the K meter and fast lenses, good stuff to know when one is often in nightclub type situations! ignorance isn't always bliss!

    gentle jealousy all round then... I'm jealous of you guys doing fun workshoppy stuff... can't wait to hear about alex & aki!
    i was gonna do a one-day workshop at espai sucre last week, but couldn't get away from work!


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