New York City Day One: Sleepless Valium Haze

Day One, arrived ate a burger at JG Melon . Asleep but not stupid, waitress tried to over charge us by $10 bucks. Hamburger was everything ever dreamed about
JG Melon

JG Melon3

Oysters and wine at Pj Clarks.

PJ Clark's oysters

Walked through the park, musicians, rich kids with their nannies and resident weridos in the public loos. Cute babies in swings and lots of thorough bred dogs on leads

"Ice scream you scream we all scream for ice cream"


Sleep. Awake now and off to Russ and Daughters for bagel and lox.......


    Looks just like the burgers my parents made when I was a kid... How much did they charge you gullible foreigners for that?

    The oysters, on the other hand, look sublime...


    ummm the burgers were a) way better than your parents could ever hope to make and b) around 7 bucks

    : |

    oysters were good too, in fact you're right sublime is more appropriate


    Honestly, I'm skeptical. Not because my parents made awesome burgers (they certainly did not), but because a burger, is a burger, is a burger... And, if Serious Eats is any gauge, the type of ingredients used in 'good' burgers (cheap buns, minimum of cheap toppings) nowadays seems to suggest that you're better off making them at home anyway--why fork out $7 for a burger you can make with $1.50 worth of groceries from Safeway?

    I'm not sure why I just ranted about that.

    But oysters. That's special--although I wasn't aware that oysters were grown on the east coast. Any idea where they're from?


    Austin - I agree on the home-made burger front but they're not all the same. I'm slow-smoking mine, stuffed with butter and blue cheese; grinding my own cheap meat and generally doing the sort of things that take hours and could not be put into commercial production.

    They're awesome.

    The Americans seem to have stopped innovating too long ago.


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