Saturday. Cooking in Bangkok

Our menu...

Pumpkin cocoa broth, crab filled pumpkin flower

Foie Gras.JPG
Whipped foie gras, rice and rocket

ven a.jpg
Venison, smoked tomato puree, polenta, purple basil

Pineapple, ginger candy, pomegranate

Brownie, chocolate and chestnut cream, mace and hazelnut crumbs, spiked blueberries

Number of guests: 103
Service time: two hours
After work drinks at 7/11....11:30 pm

An informal farewell to sous chef Khun Chalong as he has had to push forward his holidays(?) by a week as his rice has matured early, time to harvest! Have fun in Isan (อีสาน) Longie!!


"May pen ray Chef! Relax the foie espuma will be arroy!"

Khun Pong. Master of agar agar, xanthan and foie gras...cooked sous vide at 60c for 20 minutes, touch of calvados. Props to the Roca bros! Slapped into our temperamental thermo whips .

Mmmmm...grilled fish balls, chilie nori and beer chang

A final swig of beer Leo and home to dream about our loved ones who are always so far away.

Only two of the chefs I work with have family in Bangkok, the rest of us can't wait for their annual leave to get the fuck out of here to see their families and friends.

Of course mad props to A&A and Sean for inspiration galore.



    Amazing post!!

    You should do posts like this on the reg'.!

    Thanks for the links too.. incredible..A&A has a great list of books and equipment...i like that they include 'kitchen' by yoshimoto in their food writing selection... i also love that book's underlying buddhistic kitchencentric philosophy.


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