The Internets Weekly Reading Round Up

Loose weight - go Maori

Chopping carrots is bad for your health

What haute cuisine can teach the world, how to make carrots yummier

Kiwi food tips for beating the recession - Take up smoking - tobacco is cheaper than food and it's an appetite suppressant.

Popcorn and male virility

Vegetarian complains "worse thing about being a vegetarian is other vegetarians"

Example A

Maytel complains, "the worse thing about about being an omnivore is all the inventions of new names like flexitarianism to justify eating how you already eat"

Predictions that by 2025 we'll all be vegetarian? Only if the world can boost crop production another ten fold.....just think of all those lovely squares miles of soy monocultures we'll need instead

The Hungry Nation, Americans below the breadline

Creamy salty goodness?

Bacon is really bad for you, but will that stop anyone eating it?

American's in awe of Barack Obama's South Asian cooking repertoire....newsflash it's not that hard to make dahl

Grabbing Farmland blog...a threat to food sovereignty or the inevitable efficiency of globalisation

Stomach stapling for all!!!

Unlucky in love, its not because you are overweight (men only)



    If you tear through that pile, you might as well hop onto one more:

    It's got the plants, aliens and wallabies issues covered. They were lacking from Maytel's reading list.


    yes well alone, writing thesis the mind tends to wander and onto the internets mainly.....but stoned wallabies making crop circles, I'm amazed that I missed that


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