Kitchenette Cooking: Geek Food

"Kedgeree" with brown rice and split mung beans, boiled egg, lime pickles and raita and crossword

"Kanom Jeen" creative reconstruction attempt

"Kanom Jeen" and macbook

Wakame and silken tofu soup with crossword

Parsi style scrambled eggs and silken tofu with avocado on rye

Udon Salad

Lentil, spinach, celeriac, onion and carrot soup with chorizo

My latest excellent Sunday morning fry up creation - paratha bread, with chickpea vege pattie, fried egg, tomato kousondi and raita


    everything looks way delicious. you are making very good use of that kitchenette!


    Looks very elaborate and yummy!


    its not elaborate actually it's mostly one pot food. The paratha is pre-bought frozen and you just throw it in a pan to cook it. I'm glad you guys are impressed with my kitchenette cooking skills though


    got recipe for the chickpea vege pattie & tomato kousondi? looks worth a german reconstruction attempt


    Yeah, I have to agree. That all looks lovely. And, you have chorizo! If you're eating chorizo, you're not in that dire a situation!


    Ok here is the recipe but it is far more trashy than it looks.

    Pre-bought Tomato Kousoundi (Hock makes it when he is around but I buy it, Hock has a recipe for this)
    Pre-bought frozen paratha bread (indian supermarkets or grocery stores tend to have)
    Pre-bought vegetarian chick pea see where this is going huh
    Yoghurt mixed with salt, grated ginger and corriander

    Fry patty
    Fry paratha
    Fry egg
    top with tomato kousoundi and yoghurt

    There now I have revealed to you my "packet foodie" ways


    points for finding the best local suppliers and assembling so beautifully (I was going to ask before if you'd bought a new camera)
    The hunt for nice indian relishes in CGN begins!


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