Joining the Fridge Exhibitionism Club

This is my fridge in Thailand where only cooking I did was cooking rice (and go buy something to eat with rice) and cold noodle occasionally:

Left side:
  • soy milk
  • butter
  • tempura crispies from Japan (brought back for a takoyaki party at my friend's)
  • shelled tamarind a villager gave me
  • Leo beer (giveaway from a party back in... winter, I just do not drink by myself)
  • lychees,
  • isotonic drink left over from my flu hospitalization last year (I never drink it except when I am sick),
  • organic roselle jam,
  • organic pickled plums,
  • organic soy sauce,
  • miso that I never cooked, and
  • eye cream (so they don't go bad in the Thai heat).

Right side:
  • shiso powder,
  • ground organic black sesame (good with cold noodles),
  • leftover isotonic drink powder,
  • rustic cane sugar blocks a villager gave me,
  • facial toner,
  • sugarfree Mentos,
  • wasabi,
  • rice germ sprinkles,
  • brown sugar,
  • organic jasmine rice, and
  • the Thai refrigerator staple: drinking water.

Right now I am sharing an apartment with two Taiwanese people in the US, so sharing the fridge as well:

Not much of the stuff is mine.

I put:
  • organic soy milk,
  • cage free eggs from "vegetarian-fed hens",
  • butter,
  • multi-grain English muffins,
  • Cabot cheese,
  • organic soy sauce,
  • leftover black beans,
  • organic mushroom pasta sauce,
  • plum tomatoes,
  • red onions,
  • yellow Spanish onions,
  • zucchinis, and
  • an unopened jar of kimchi (made in New York).
I am not sure why somebody is refrigerating a box of dry pasta.

And a freezer that seems to resist frost a lot better than my Thai fridge:
Half of the bottom row is my stuff:
  • frozen spinach,
  • frozen peas & carrots,
  • frozen sweetcorn niblets,
  • frozen vegetarian dumpling, and
  • frozen blueberries.
Somebody seems to believe that used brita filters work as a deodorant in the fridge and freezer. Does it work??


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