Kitchenette Cooking: Caviar on Toast

So as I may have mentioned, Hock and I are both living in separate countries in studio apartments with kitchenettes

My kitchenette is more functional than his, which makes sense because I can't get 2 dollar street noodles like he can.


On my recent-ish conjugal visit to see him, I got to check out his kitchenette. And of course, what does he have sitting in there but a can of caviar.


"It's not that good caviar" Hock explains, "someone from work bought it back from Russia for me, I think it is just cheap"

But never having had the opportunity to gouge myself on caviar like Hock, I didn't care. For him perhaps it was nothing special, but for me, a lowly student who does not have access to luxury food supplies at wholesale prices or even as gifts I got stuck in.

Caviar on rye with condiments


    Each of you in studio apartments - Hock no longer in that nice place I visited you two?


    no, he moved out because he shipped all our furniture back to Australia and I am waiting for it to arrive


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