Cambodian Food Proverbs

I've been doing a bit of a dig around for Cambodian proverbs on poverty lately, but instead I found these

On Vegetarianism
"The pig dies because it is meat"

On Greed
"Regarding consumption of the food in this world, if you are not conscious of the amount you eat and eat wastefully without consideration for others, this will create conflict with relatives; when you die the fire will not be enough for a normal cremation (because relatives will not help build the funeral pyre). Overeating is poisonous because eating too much will make a stingy person of others, including relatives."

On Profundity
"Deep as the bottom of a plate."

On Treasures
"Do not keep tasty food for tomorrow; do not let an attractive wife walk behind you."

On Opportunism
"When the head is cooked, eat the head; when the tail is cooked, eat the tail."

On Remembering Our Natural State
"No matter how tasty it is when cooked, do not forget when it was raw; normally the cooked condition arises from exposure to heat; if there were no rawness, from where would you get the cooked condition."


    Fun post!

    One of my faves is:

    Just because you have a long eel to cook, doesn't mean you have to look for a long pot to cook it in.


    I love never let an attractive wife walk behind you - sounds like it has ulterior booty motives.


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