Nagi Noda + Tarako's Revenge

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Controversial Japanese art director Nagi Noda started my interest in the visceral gothic qualities of food with a shoot she did for LaForet in Harajuku. She imitated a black & white photo by putting flour in the western models' hair and skin, staining their nails and clothes with black squid ink and so on.
She definitely has a knack with making food gothic -

At her Horror Caf exhibition she had Dead Body Cake with Blood. Awwwwesome.

See this album cover art below for which she won an award in '03: the pasta swells to puffy cake-like dimensions because (according to her concept) the spit of the singer lands on it.
(I wonder if Nagi baked the cake herself? silly question... she is a sort of young female Jeff Koons of Japanese advertising ... but supposedly she appropriates a lot of ideas from art students and so on)

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Noda's concept for Yuki video clip & posters:

"When Yuki was singing, all of her feelings and prayers started to come out. When she sang some more, a little bit of spit started to come out. As she sang even more, more spit started to come out and when her spit hit withered flowers, the flowers started to move. When it fell onto a plate of dried pasta, it turned it into good tasting pasta. I left some dishes unwashed, but the spit cleaned them up for me. When a bear tried to drink water from a vessel, his mouth couldn't reach the water. The bear stood there helplessly, but Yuki's spit increased the volume of water and he was saved."

Part Two:

A Nagi Noda-esque fish egg photo shoot.
Nothing says 'I care' like wrapping a kewpie doll in fish eggs.

Check out this guy's Calcu-eater

If you are someone who bothers to click the links, you might have seen those super Kyupi Tarako commercials I linked to from an earlier post (the one about stir-frying with mayo)...

Calcu-eater recreated those kewpie matroushka aliens with fresh Tara-eggs (Tara means cod), then sent postcards to his mates with the photos.



    I clicked on the link, what a cool idea.
    Although heavily photoshopped to make the roe look brighter?


    who cares, if it's photoshopped?

    me thinks is not really the point

    I liked too


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