Katz's Deli NYC

If you watched the clip under Maytels sandwiches post and got to the end you would have got a quick glimpse of Katz's.

The money shot is towards the end.


    Wow thats a massive pastrami on rye. I never new it was possible to fit anymore meat in a sandwich.
    Reminds me of Hasselhoffs Hamburger incident


    yep. that is why it is essential to order sweet peppers in yr pastrami sandwich. the first time i went to 2nd Ave Deli (my preferred NYC deli because the atmosphere is more sit down old school NYC, old eccentric dry-as-paint-thinner waitresses and small manager who makes woody allen-esque comments)
    i was overwhelmed by all the meat and asked for cheese!! needless to say the septuagenarian waitress gave me a look that could wither bark off a tree and said 'Lady, we're kosher, we don't serve no dairy with no meat.'

    anyways next time i ordered with sweet pepper and I still salivate to think of how good that was. you can order a half-size which is good because then you have room in your stomach for 2nd Ave Deli's famous matzo ball soup.



    if you're in london head to brick lane for slab like hot corned beef with hot mustard. and bagels.


    they call them beigels for some reason.


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